Trump and Pelosi Flip Flop on Roe Vs. Wade!

The Governmental Office of Prenatal Political Party Affiliation Prediction Centers (GOPPPAPC) wrote a report that has President Donald Trump and Rep. Nancy Pelosi both announcing that they have changed their positions on Roe Vs. Wade. The report, which is Top Secret, was released by Wikileaks who supposedly acquired a copy from Roger Stone.

The report which many critics are arguing is appalling and despicable in nature, suggest that more than 80% of aborted fetuses in the United States would have turned out to be Democrats. It focused on every single American conceived and brought to term or conceived and then aborted since 1973. The reports primary focus was political party affiliation. To reach its conclusions it took demographics, DNA samples, blood samples and even finger prints that were taken at birth or at a Planned Parenthood.

Those statics which were compiled on many sheets of paper were then loaded into a computer. Once this data was carefully dissected by a racist algorithm it was determined that 82% of those aborted between 1973 to date would have in fact turned out to be Democrats.

While some critics are bashing the alleged results, some are arguing that Republicans would have been the ones most likely to be aborted. Democratic Strategist Martha Abigail said on CNN, “To insinuate that Democrats would be aborted at a higher rate than Republicans is ridiculous. I fucked a Republican once and trust me, had he gotten me pregnant, I would have aborted.”

If the report from GOPPPAPC is true and with an estimated 60 million abortions in the United States since Row Vs. Wade, that’s a lot of dead Democrats. This revelation was not lost on Rep. Nancy Pelosi. She released a statement that read in part, “Knowing that we could have controlled the House, the Senate and the Presidency for at least the last 25 years is reason enough for all Democrats to embrace the Pro-Life movement. I mean, if not for this horrible ruling, by all intents and purposes I would be the President right now.”

President Trump was also moved by the report. He released a statement that read in part, “I will not stand idly by as young women are being told what they can and cannot do with their own bodies. The idea that they and they alone get to choose whether to bring another Democrat into the world is something that I am totally okay with. I support a woman’s right to choose!”

The National Organization of Women (NOW) released a simple three-word statement, “What the Fuck?”

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2 thoughts on “Trump and Pelosi Flip Flop on Roe Vs. Wade!”

  1. It takes 3 to produce a living child
    One Man , one Women they are co-creators BUT GOD COMES FIRST HE IS THE CREATOR , WITHOUT GOD A CHILD CANNOT BE BORN , if both parents of that gift that GOD gave them is pre- decided not to live then it becomes Pre-meditated murder .
    If you want to live with that on your concience thats up to you .
    If you dont care then you dont Love God .

  2. Again I must complain that you have taken liberty with the clear data from a report and twisted it for your ‘demented’ (I wanted to say ‘twisted’ but that would have been repetitive) sense of humor.
    The GOPPPAPC report primarily utilized demographic data. Saying they used “DNA samples, blood samples and even finger prints…” is misleading. Such samples were rarely available. In fact, the footnote on page 31 of chapter 3, paragraph 3, sentence 2, clearly stated that hair samples were the most widely available of all the physical samples. Of those samples only about 6.2% were blond. That in and of itself is NOT indicative of a bona fide Republican as stated by the report “Future Demographics of the Future American Taxpayers” from the Congressional Budget Office, Department Of Redundancy Department. .
    You failed to mention the report from the CBO-DORD which took exception to the methodology and resultant conclusions of the GOPPPAPC report. The CBO -DORD found that 100% (yes 100%) of the non-medically required [for the mother’s life] abortions would have resulted in Democrat birth with a “probability of 82.2%” reaching voting age.
    Yet, you would have the public believe that there are a small number of Republicans who would have an abortion. Well you might as well say that there is a small number of Catholics who take birth control. Catholics don’t believe in birth control. So if you take birth control you are automatically “not” a catholic. By the transitive properties of logic, if you have an abortion you can’t be a Republican. What is so damn hard to understand?
    I am so sick and tired of those damn Republican’s In Name Only who give our true right wing party a bad name and by the liberal media that includes those RINO’s in their stories and reports.
    You have also twisted the words of our beloved leader. What he said was clear and to the point. He said;
    “The Democrats have become too extreme. And they’ve become, frankly, too dangerous to govern. They’ve gone wacko. They want to reverse our amazing progress, and plunge our country into gridlock, frankly into poverty, ultimately into chaos—that’s what’s going to happen. But if they want to stop themselves, stop themselves with their actions, with the things they do, what they do and things they don’t do, and they don’t do a lot. Let me tell you. Not a lot. That’s Ok. That’s Ok with me.It’s OK when they do things which wind up hurting themselves. And boy do they do that. They do that every day. Right now, in a number of states, the laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother’s womb in the ninth month. It is wrong. It has to change.”
    How can his message be any clearer?

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