Jussie Smollett receives Duplicitous Civil Rights Award for his Charity work in Chicago!

The Lying African American Gay Actors Guild (LAAGAG) has awarded Jussie Smollett who is on the hit television show Empire an award for creating racial division in America. The award called the Duplicitous Civil Rights Award (DCRA) is normally given out in November but LAAGAG felt that Jussie had quote, “Displayed an unwavering dedication to dividing the races that is unlikely to be equaled in our lifetime, let alone by November of 2019.”

The President of LAAGAG Jamal Wallace said at an awards ceremony at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California, “Jussie is a hero to anyone who has ever played the victim card, and now that people realize that you don’t have to actually be a victim to receive all the benefits that victims receive, well, that’s a game changer and definitely makes Jussie worthy of this award.”

It all started when Jussie, who claims to be black and gay, stopped by a local Chicago Subway sandwich shop. Initially he reported that he was attacked by two MAGA hat wearing white guys who put a rope around his neck and poured bleach on him, all while shouting, “this is MAGA country!”. But the story took a turn and qualified Jussie for the DCRA when someone pointed out that Hillary Clinton won 83.7% of the vote in Chicago.

While claiming that Chicago is MAGA country might have been evidence enough for some, many people believed Jussie’s bullshit story. However, an investigation turned up two Nigerian guys who work with Jussie on the set of Empire. Ironically enough, they are both black. They believed they were being Harvey Weinsteined by Jussie when he instructed them to put a rope around his neck and slap him, all while acting white and angry. One of the men even says that Jussie instructed him to wear whiteface. The man refused, stating that while he might be willing to suck a dick to advance his career, he’s no racist.

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3 thoughts on “Jussie Smollett receives Duplicitous Civil Rights Award for his Charity work in Chicago!”

  1. I have never seen the show Empire and I do not know who Jussie is. I will say this,however, anyone who has a name like Jussie deserves an award.

  2. Once again the Grim Reaper News has gotten it wrong. Jussie has made it clear that he never once said his attackers were wearing MAGA hats. It is just like you right wingers to make up fake news!
    Having paid his associates to attack him is just one aspect of the event. He never said that he did not pay someone. He just never mentioned it. In fact, he WAS attacked. So from that viewpoint he did not lie.
    Get your facts straight before you print your fake news

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