Race War Scheduled for two Weeks after the Super Bowl!

With the main stream media hell bent on stoking racial tension in America a Race War has been scheduled for two weeks after the Super Bowl. When it comes to ratings, racial tension really drives the needle. So much so that CNN is writing retractable headlines at an unprecedented rate.

It all started after a video went viral on Twitter over the weekend. The video shows sweet young catholic boys being beaten like a drum by an old raging Indian while angry middle-aged black men stand idly by calling them crackers. CNN getting much of its news from Twitter wrote the first headline to the story that some are calling inaccurate and purposely provocative. It read,

“Angry MAGA Hat Wearing Catholic Homophobic Racist White Males Ass Fuck Innocent Native American Vietnam War Hero!”.

As the story unfolded the eventual headline would be “Okay Maybe the Indian is Kinda of an Asshole”. That however has not stopped CNN. Michel San Deiago a CNN spokesperson said, “We are doubling down on the you all should hate each other message.” Someone from Nashville asked, “Do you mean ya’ll?”.

Mr. San Deiago then said, “Many, including us, haha, were quick to label someone a racist based on an edited 30 second video we saw online. That proves that racial issues are caliente and if we invoke racism even more, we can drive the ratings much better than we thought”. He then said, “CNN is teaming up with the WWE and will be hosting a Race War just two weeks after the Super Bowl. We will be accepting applications for this reality TV venture immediately.”

The WWE provided more details and outlined the requirements for the show. Vince McMahon said the show “Race War” will be filmed live at AT&T Stadium in Dallas Texas on February 17th. He is asking for anyone who hates someone because of their race or religion to show up a day early on February 16th to be prepped for the program. Contestants will be required to fight to the death. The last person standing will host Saturday Night Live where they will be blown by Sarah Beattie and Kathy Griffin on stage.

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