Kim Jong-un Cites the Second Amendment as Reason for Not Denuclearizing!

Kim Jong-un is reported to be very upset with President Donald Trump for not respecting his Second amendment rights. After leaving Vietnam for the long train ride home Kim is reported to have thrown a temper tantrum in his private car. Sources say he picked up a Colt 45 and ran around the private car screaming at Donald Trump, “Do you want to take this one too Donald, how about this one Donald!”. He then shot gunned it and threw the can out of the window.

A North Korean spokesperson said that the report is overly exaggerated, and that Chairman Kim is calm cool and collected. He did say that Kim is concerned that his Second amendment rights are being violated. He asked, “Why should we have to give up our weapons when the Second Amendment clearly states that we have the right to a well-armed militia, not to mention deer hunting”.

Chairman Kim also released a statement to Chinese State Television that read in part, “America lets Pakistan have nuclear weapons, fucking Pakistan!”

A White House spokesperson said that the President is intrigued with Chairman Kim’s argument and is currently weighing it over. The spokesperson said, “The President needs some time to process Kim’s reaction, the medias reaction, the reaction from the left, the reaction from the right, and the reaction of the American people, once these reactions have been analyzed the President will tweet his verdict.”

Bubba from Birmingham Alabama, a staunch Trump supporter, let his view be known by telling channel 5 News, “If they tried to take my guns, I’d be pissed off too, I understand where Little Rocket Man is coming from.”

The Global Initiative to End Climate Change (GIECC) came out against lifting sanctions against North Korea.  They said that by not lifting sanctions against North Korea America is doing more to reduce carbon emissions than the entire international community combined. GEICC said that if America lifts sanctions against North Korea, they will be able to afford electricity and North Koreans will then become the same scourge on society as the rest of us. We’d rather they had Nukes.

North Korea, Conserving Energy for all of Man Kind!

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