California Passes New Law that will Allow Abortion up to the point of Cutting the Umbilical Cord!

A new law passed in California will give women the right to abort a fetus up to the point of cutting the umbilical cord. Not wanting to be ambiguous like a similar law that recently failed in Virginia the California law makers wanted to be crystal clear as to the exact moment in time that an abortion would not be allowed. The exact language in the law addressing the point of no return from MommyHood states, “As soon as the umbilical cord has been severed an abortion procedure shall not be performed.”

Some California women are using the new law to take a wait and see approach to caring for a child. They are opting to keep the umbilical cord attached and using a new medical device to house the placenta. With the placenta fully intact and completely encapsulated in an FDA approved medical device it will last for up to two weeks providing nutrients to the fetus once outside the womb. This will give the potential mom-to-be the opportunity to take the fetus home for a week or so and get to know it prior to making any major life decisions.

The Placenta Carrier, from American Home Products is available on Amazon. American Home Products is planning an AD campaign that will highlight a seven-day return policy.  If within seven days for any reason you are unhappy with the Placenta Carrier, you can return it for a full refund. Also, if the Placenta Carrier somehow fails to provide your fetus with the proper nutrients to keep it in a state of purgatory while you contemplate the notion of bringing another carbon footprint into an already over populated world you will be entitled to a 50% return. All Placenta Carriers must be empty and completely sanitized prior to return. Bottom line they want all their customers to be satisfied.

The Grim News Reaper reached out to Virginia law maker Kathy Tran to get her perspective. She is the author of the similar bill that failed in Virginia because unlike the California bill it did not pinpoint an exact moment in time that an abortion would not be allowed. Kathy had no comment. We were however able to get in touch with Kathy’s mother Lu Lu Tran and she had plenty to say. “Had this California law been in place when I had my Kathy, I am certain that I would have aborted her ass. Within 48 hours, I knew she was a cunt.”

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