Bomb the Shit Out of Em’

When life gets you down and the FBI raids your attorney’s office, what’s a President to do? Bomb the shit out of em, that’s what. Yesterday the President of The United States in coordination with Britain and France launched an attack on the shit hole country of Syria. Bashar al-Assad like so many stupid middle eastern dictators before him failed to realize that in America we don’t have dictators. We elect some crazy motherfucker every four years.

Stopping the ass stain Bashar al-Assad from committing mass genocide against his own people is probably something most Americans agree on. The question then becomes, what is the objective? Britain and France did not join forces with The United States to provide cover for Donald Trump’s political troubles, it just worked out that way. The wagging of the dog is legitimate. Syria, namely al-Assad needs a major ass whopping. If Vladimir Putin happens to catch a collateral bitch slap in the process, all the better.

The Syrian people don’t deserve Bashar al-Assad or the tyranny he has inflicted upon them the past 17 years. They haven’t deserved being ignored by the world while he did it either. Let’s hope the right people start getting killed. War is hell. The quicker we can get through hell the quicker we can get back to talking about attention whore porn stars.

3 thoughts on “Bomb the Shit Out of Em’”

  1. I think the time to talk about attention whore porn stars will come only after the corruption investigation into his personal lawyer reveals even more salacious details into Trump’s various other “opportunities of obfuscation”. Realistically, that aspect of the weekly (or maybe daily) Trump news cycle poses the greater and more imminent threat to the president. 105 missiles launched. Mission accomplished. No need to worry anymore about those pesky chemical weapons. Only Syria’s people were harmed. No Russians. No worries. I can’t wait for more news on the pee pee front!

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